Saturday, 19 September 2009

New home

I've moved house! I spent all my puppyhood and life to now in Bournemouth so I'd never lived in another house. We've moved to Basingstoke to be nearer to mum's work. I like the new house - what I like the best is that we're right next to fields and yesterday I caught a rabbit! There's deer and all sorts - so lots to keep me busy on my walkies. Just as well as I've been here two weeks and only met my first dog to play with today.

Unfortunately I cut my foot this morning whilst playing in the bushes. I had to go to the vet and got this stoopid huge bandage on that I have to wear for 10 WHOLE DAYS!!! I was much better this afternoon so we went for a walk and now mum is worried cos the blood looks like it's coming through the bandage. Oops we probably did too much. Mind you the vet said it was ok to walk as long as I had my boot on.

We went onto the building site to look for Oscar who's gone missing. I trod in some slurry stuff with all four feet so nearly ended up with concrete boots let alone stupid vet boots!