Thursday, 25 January 2007

Cold weather

I much prefer reclining on my beanbag to being out in the cold. Brr. Having said that we had a great walk today on the beach and it was actually sunny (gasp!) AND it was a bit warm in the sun (double gasp!). No snow here to worry about although my paws have had to deal with some heavy frost. Been a good week playing with Maggie. I must take a pic of her too and put it up here. School again tomorrow night and I haven't been doing my homework as well as I should. Oops.

Friday, 19 January 2007

Highs and lows

My nose is now retty much healed up after the scary bite business last week, and I didn't let it slow me down when I went to visit my friend Troon on Saturday. She is hot stuff. She has a lovely soft coat that Mum and Dad were so impressed with they've changed my food. My coat seems to be a bit softer too now and I like the taste of the new stuff a lot. Sunday was a bit boo though cos I stood on some stinging nettles and they really hurt my paws. I couldn't sit still for hours and scratched myself raw. It was only the germolene magic cream (good for noses too) that finally helped me to settle down. Dock leaves schmock leaves.

This week i've turned 16 weeks old which is apparently the age when I stop listening to them...I'm breaking it to them gently at the mo though. I've had a great day today playing with my pal Maggie and going on walks, so I'm completely shattered now and best sign off to get some sleep in before puppy school later.

Friday, 12 January 2007

In the wars

I've just been bitten on the nose! I was trying to steal another dog's ball so perhaps am not entirely blameless, but boy did it hurt. I ran around squealing and Evie's mum said she could hear me from right across the park. I had a little play session with Evie once the scary dogs had gone, which was nice cos I was a bit scared that all dogs might try to bite me.

Confidence restored we raced home and went straight out in the car to the vet's for a shot of antibiotics. The vet said my cut was big enough for a stitch but he'd have to knock me out to do that, and that was a bit over the top. Apparently we've got to be careful of it for a few days as dog bites are 'nasty'. You're telling me!

Thursday, 11 January 2007

Under the weather

I've not been feeling too well today. I had something called 'the runs' which is odd, cos running was the last thing I felt like doing. I missed my breakfast but then had the yummiest lunch and dinner of chicken and rice. Mmmm. I liked that very much. How do I persuade them to cook me that every day? Mum says she will do cook some more chicken for me that we can used as treats when i go to school tomorrow night. That sounds ace.

Wednesday, 10 January 2007


I'm getting quite good at all the sit/stay stuff now - I'll even do it when I'm out in the park and things are very exciting. I don't think they realise what an effort this is for me! I've been very playful this morning even though the wind is FREEZING and have been persuading mum to throw a tennis ball for me. Trouble is that she is rubbish at it. At one stage she threw it into the athletics track and we had to walk in there to retrieve it. Honestly! I would have jumped the fence but I'm not allowed to do that kind of thing til I'm older you understand.

Monday, 8 January 2007

Dog Club

First rule of dog club.....darn, broken that one then. I'm meeting up with lots of other dogs in the park almost daily and having a great run and play. It's perfect for me cos I can't walk too far so I get to have a little amble but burn off all my energy in play! I do get a bit cold though and mum tends to make me a hot water bottle when I get home and want to crash. Dad says I don't need it and I'm fine...ssshhh, don't listen to him!

I've started school recently and am learning lots of good behaviour. Apparently I'm quite good but need to work on my composure when there are lots of other dogs about. One of the things we're supposed to do is walk around a circle of other dogs, weaving in and around each one. Hah, forget it mum....I'm so never going to even try to be good on that one! What's the point of ignoring the others when we'd all be much better off playing together?

Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Viz Whiz

I'm still catching up on the events of the holidays. One great fabby thing I did was go on a 'Viz Whiz' which is when loads of Vizslas like me get together and go mad! It was great fun and I particularly enjoyed playing with another puppy girl called Troon. We walked around Richmond Park but I didn't manage to walk the whole way as I started to get quite tired after all that energetic playing.

Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Aren't I pretty?

What a pretty boy I am. Mum say's it's just as well as I've been REALLY naughty today :-)