Friday, 19 January 2007

Highs and lows

My nose is now retty much healed up after the scary bite business last week, and I didn't let it slow me down when I went to visit my friend Troon on Saturday. She is hot stuff. She has a lovely soft coat that Mum and Dad were so impressed with they've changed my food. My coat seems to be a bit softer too now and I like the taste of the new stuff a lot. Sunday was a bit boo though cos I stood on some stinging nettles and they really hurt my paws. I couldn't sit still for hours and scratched myself raw. It was only the germolene magic cream (good for noses too) that finally helped me to settle down. Dock leaves schmock leaves.

This week i've turned 16 weeks old which is apparently the age when I stop listening to them...I'm breaking it to them gently at the mo though. I've had a great day today playing with my pal Maggie and going on walks, so I'm completely shattered now and best sign off to get some sleep in before puppy school later.

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