Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Birthday boy!

I'm 1 today! I've had a great birthday so far - played with Herbie, Coco, George and China in the park this morning and then went for a swim at the hydrotherapy pool!

I love going there. This time I swam pretty much the whole time as i'm that bit older and fitter. When I got out I put my Equafleece sweater on to keep warm and now I'm pretty tired so I think I'd better have a nap.

Happy birthday Yoji too - she's the only sis I know about - if there are any other brothers and sisters out there happy birthday to you too!

Monday, 24 September 2007

Vizsla get-together

I've been a bit slack at posting blog entries lately. Mum has gone back to college so is a little possessive over the computer. I will have to explain to her that we need to share.

Anyway - I still haven't posted any pics of the Vizsla get-together we did earlier this month so here goes!

Here I'm wuffing at Dexter.

This is me, Dexter, Ditto, Herbie and Hazel.

This is me and Ditto mobbing dad.

Me retrieving a bottle from the sea whilst Dexter and Ditto look on.

Herbie, Dexter, me, Radar and Ditto (I think!).

This is little Goulash. All the humans were cooing over her cos she was only 9 weeks old. I'm looking forward to her growing up a bit so we can play...she was a bit timid of us to start with. Mind you she arrived by boat which we all thought was VERY exciting and different so we did wuff at her quite a bit which seemed to worry her for some reason. Must be a girl thing.

This is us checking out Goulash's boat. There's Rufus with his paws on the boat (my half bro) and then Radar jumping in and Goulash at the back. Herbie's around the other side and I think this is me in the foreground.

Then this is a bunch of us - me, Ditto, Dexter and Herbie with either Radar or Rufus in the background!

Herbie and Hazel's dad went for a swim and a few of us went out to check him out.

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Surf's up

This is me being a cool surfer dude with my dad. I went surfing with Ditto too...look how I managed to stand up and everything!

Dexter preferred to swim - this is him beating me at water retrieves - I finally found someone more enthusiastic even than me at these!

Sunday, 9 September 2007

First love

I didn't think weekends could get any better, but they can! I had Dexter and Ditto to visit, and on Saturday we went to see another 6 Vizslas - including Herbie, Hazel and Rufus, on Hengistbury Head! I think I fell in love with Ditto.

We played together racing around the garden, and also in the house where we showed each other our teeth...

While I was falling in love with Ditto, Dexter was chasing a torch around the kitchen. He likes lights quite a lot!

We went swimming on Sunday and did some surfing too - I'll put more pics up soon!

Monday, 3 September 2007

Don't look if squeamish...

I've had the most amazing weekend. We spent most of Saturday on the beach - mum and dad hired a beach hut for the day as they had some friends down to visit. The friends brought Oscar the dog too and we got to chase balls pretty much ALL afternoon. Then on Sunday we went to the New Forest for a lovely big long walk and we met Herbie and Hazel! Hazel and I had a great play by Cadnam's Pool chasing and swimming after sticks. Herbie was too smart to go in the cold water when there were two lunatic youngsters to do it for him - hrm, I will have to remember this in the winter when it is REALLY cold.

Then, as if it couldn't get any better - I had a rabbit for dinner! A whole one! Here's some vids of me eating it - I polished the whole lot off, fur, nails, teeth, the lot. Mmmmm. The vids are really short cos mum's phone is rubbish. But you'll probably prefer it that way heheh.