Thursday, 13 September 2007

Surf's up

This is me being a cool surfer dude with my dad. I went surfing with Ditto too...look how I managed to stand up and everything!

Dexter preferred to swim - this is him beating me at water retrieves - I finally found someone more enthusiastic even than me at these!


Anonymous said...

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy cooooool Bruv!!

Luv n hugs Yoji!


Anonymous said...

wowza. You are such a cool dude Charlie.
You are so lucky getting to swim with your dad.

Rufus said...

Hey dude, catch some waves for me bruv. Actually that surfing malarkey looks good - so it allows you to walk on the water, rather than having to swim in it?

Charlie said...

Yes - I might have to do this more in the winter when the water is colder!

Radio said...

we wanna go surfing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (see the amount of exclamation marks, these are multiplied by 10000000000000000