Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Testing times

I can't go to my park at the mo cos we've got some travelling folk who've moved in and have decided to use it as a toilet. I got far too close to the evidence for comfort (so says mum) so we've been avoiding it. This means I've been exploring new places, and in doing so have discovered squirrels! Squirrels are fab! I always thought they were great but you can really run after them too. Mum is less than impressed as I've started dragging her along when I see one, so apparently we're doing some 'desensitisation' tomorrow which I think means I get to eat lots of treats, so that will be good.

I'm also testing them at home with my barking. I've discovered this great high-pitched bark that I use when I want some attention. And let's face it - you can never have too much attention. They ignore me at home which is quite annoying, but if I do it out in the pub they can't do that. Hah! Mum wants tips on how to stop me - but don't tell her please. I'm loving it.

I met Rufus's grandma today - she works next to my favourite food shop. We popped in to say hi today. I hope Rufus might come down in a couple of weekends and come swimming with me, Ditto and Dexter, and hopefully Herbie and Hazel too - it will be our own mini southern viz whiz! Let me know if you're around bro! Any others in the region should come too!

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Smelly boys

Herbie smelt really good this morning (this is me stealing his orange kong) - so I had to go and find something just as good to roll in so that we smelt the same. My mum and his dad were less than impressed. I had to have a shower when I got home and I still stink a bit so I've got this wussy lavender bug spray all over me too now. The shame. Rumour is that I'm going to the New Forest later so hopefully I can find something more fragrant to top up the smell.

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

My new pal

Meet Herbie - he's my new pal. Here he is on the left - he was telling mum to hurry up and take the picture cos she was faffing around.

We look very alike - it can be hard to tell who is who except for our collars. Herbie is 3 and very grown up but he's still got time to play with a youngster like me cos he's got a little sister of his own. I can't wait to meet her.

Monday, 20 August 2007

Living the high life

On Friday I went to the beach to see the Red Arrows. Apart from looking at them a bit when they first flew over (well, it was kindof hard to miss them) I found it fairly dull and much preferred chasing shells. Mum was loving it though and kept saying silly lines from a film that is apparently called 'Top Gun'. My breed prefix is Gunfield, so perhaps the film was about my dad? She says I can be her wing man any time.

We took lots of photos with her mobile phone but cos a) the screen is too small and b) the sun was on it, most of the pics are of just sky. Or me. Which is what most photos should be of, of course. We'll try to get the pics onto the computer - I think I'll have to give her some help with that.

Then on Saturday we went visiting and I met my first hot tub. They are certainly hot. I dipped my paw in a few times but wasn't too bothered about jumping in. Mum doesn't need to worry about my claws in the water any more though as she's just bought a wetsuit. Yay - more swimming later this week when the weather warms up!

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Along came a spider...

...but he didn't last long cos I ate him.

I've been away for a few days camping. Camping is lots of fun. You get to live outside and play with your ball pretty much all day. Then at night you wear pyjamas (well, my Equafleece) and get to sleep with your humans. We did some great walks and cooked some tasty things down on the floor which was interesting. Annoyingly we forgot the camera so I can't show you any pics :-( I was very well behaved - there were quite a lot of dogs on the campsite who would woof whenever you went near them but I didn't do that.

In other news I'm now eating a raw food diet which I LOVE. Mum found a great shop near us that sells all the stuff and has given us good advice about what to eat. I'm sure my coat is glowing more than ever already. Actually I'm moulting a bit at the mo - are any of the rest of you moulting?

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

The Sea!

We went to the beach today and, instead of walking along it, we sat down on it. Odd. I helped arrange the towel with my wet sandy feet then mum went into the sea. Odder. I followed her in and we swam together! I swam quite a bit but I kept getting overexcited so mum has some neat claw marks down her legs. Oops. When we'd finished I went and sat on the towel again to dry off. Surely if she'd wanted a towel herself she'd have brought two?