Monday, 20 August 2007

Living the high life

On Friday I went to the beach to see the Red Arrows. Apart from looking at them a bit when they first flew over (well, it was kindof hard to miss them) I found it fairly dull and much preferred chasing shells. Mum was loving it though and kept saying silly lines from a film that is apparently called 'Top Gun'. My breed prefix is Gunfield, so perhaps the film was about my dad? She says I can be her wing man any time.

We took lots of photos with her mobile phone but cos a) the screen is too small and b) the sun was on it, most of the pics are of just sky. Or me. Which is what most photos should be of, of course. We'll try to get the pics onto the computer - I think I'll have to give her some help with that.

Then on Saturday we went visiting and I met my first hot tub. They are certainly hot. I dipped my paw in a few times but wasn't too bothered about jumping in. Mum doesn't need to worry about my claws in the water any more though as she's just bought a wetsuit. Yay - more swimming later this week when the weather warms up!

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Diesel said...

Hello Charlie,
I bet the Red Arrows really took your mum's breath away.
Anthony says height is life and speed is groovy.
We saw two Hawk aircraft fly over the park but they were black not red.