Monday, 8 January 2007

Dog Club

First rule of dog club.....darn, broken that one then. I'm meeting up with lots of other dogs in the park almost daily and having a great run and play. It's perfect for me cos I can't walk too far so I get to have a little amble but burn off all my energy in play! I do get a bit cold though and mum tends to make me a hot water bottle when I get home and want to crash. Dad says I don't need it and I'm fine...ssshhh, don't listen to him!

I've started school recently and am learning lots of good behaviour. Apparently I'm quite good but need to work on my composure when there are lots of other dogs about. One of the things we're supposed to do is walk around a circle of other dogs, weaving in and around each one. Hah, forget it mum....I'm so never going to even try to be good on that one! What's the point of ignoring the others when we'd all be much better off playing together?

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