Monday, 25 January 2010

Working hard

For the first time i've travelled overseas - to the French Alps. It's a very cold snowy place. I've discovered new forms of transport. This 'ski lift' thing is the closest I've ever come to flying I think. I'm not sure I approve.

Anyway they're keeping me on my toes - I've got a job 'bashing pistes'. To be honest I'm more interested in hunting pine cones...

Thursday, 7 January 2010

The more it snows...

We certainly get a whole lot more snow here than we ever used to in Bournemouth! On Tuesday and Wednesday we had about 40cm of the white stuff. It's cold but it is also oddly exciting and makes me behave quite madly! There's not a whole lot of wildlife out and about but this morning I did see a hare. Hares are strange. They are like big rabbits but run much faster. I don't think I've got a hope of catching one of them (unlike rabbits hehehe).

Walking in the snow is hard, according to mum. She can hardly manage our paltry morning 40min loop (suppose it is taking more like an hour in the snow). I, on the other hand, am able to run and jump and still have JUST as much energy as usual. This is annoying mum who feels like an old lady.

After a workout in the snow I decided to pop into our local and happened across these two lovely labrador ladies. I was pretty much in heaven.

Humans do odd things in the snow. Sliding on bin liners is one of them. Daft but very exciting. Here I am showing mum that I'm still faster running than she is sliding.