Thursday, 21 June 2007

Signing off for a while

Today I went on holiday. I'm staying with dad's aunt and uncle in Devon. Mum was really glum for some reason so I tried to make her laugh by eating their Bose speakers. She seemed a bit less sorry to say goodbye after that so I think I did the right thing. Last I saw of her I was jumping into the back of their car off on walkies as she drove away. I think I will be away for a little while so see you all soon!

Monday, 18 June 2007


Sorry for the lack of postings recently. It's not been for want of trying. Mum has been TOTALLY hogging the computer cos of something called 'exams'. These are now over though so I can get a look in again! I've had a fairly quiet couple of weeks really. Last weekend I went to stay with grandma which was fun. I showed her how gardens can be remodelled and trained her how to throw the ball. She didn't realise that normally when I drop it they just keep going and I have to pick it up and bring it myself. Nyah hah hah...

I've got my great pal Maggie to stay at the moment cos her mum is having a baby. Hopefully her mum can have more babies more often cos I love having Maggie around. Apparently I'm not going to be able to update my blog for a couple of weeks again soon cos I'm going on 'holiday'. Mum and dad are going over the sea to see mum's sister who is having a baby. I don't understand why one baby means Maggie comes but another means I have to go away but there you go. Humans are odd. I'm staying with my great aunt and uncle by the sea in Devon so I will hopefully have a great time. I will have to train them carefully too, and I'm sure their garden could use some of my skills.

Friday, 1 June 2007

Feeling much better

I'm feeling much better now and up to updating my blog again. This is me caught in the act at the computer - please note my likeness on my mouse mat! I've been a bit worried it's not set up perfectly for my ergonomics...what do you think? Could probably do with a wrist support.

I've been so much better that i've been up to my usual work (well, I call it work, mum calls it mischief) in the garden. Mum was asking me why I always have to go digging when it is wet and nasty outside. Well, it's pretty bloomin' obvious ma! It makes A BIG MESS! Much more fun. Specially when you can then traipse it all into the house.