Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everybody! You can see in this pic that because I was a bit unwell and couldn't go out much they decided to bring a bit of outside in to me - a real tree in the house! Anyway, i'm all better now and looking forward to my christmas party at training on Friday. I've got a special party trick up my sleeve that i'll tell you about if it works :-)

Just been to the vet for my boosters and I've managed to put on another kg - making me 23.1kg now. The nice lady said I could start jogging with mum too - that i'm old enough and my weight was ok - I just look lean and mean really rather than skinny now. They are doing their best to stop me being skinny mind you - I just ate a rather delicious pig's nose. Do you think all animal's noses taste that good?

Oh - ROFLOL Brisztowe - that 'Elf yourself' site is SOOO funny - we have done our own too! Click here to see it!

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Kennel cough

Well on top of everything else I've now come down with kennel cough. I'm not feeling too poorly in myself but am coughing a bit. Mum took me to the vet to make sure because she wanted to be sure we didn't come into contact with other dogs if it was. My glands are up and the vet gave me a jab of something to ease my cough plus some antibiotics.

Apparently there is a 3-day cough going round the park - so we're not sure what makes the diagnosis of kennel cough and what is 'just a cold'. Ho hum - means I can't go training for a couple of weeks so I will have to work on my special party trick for their Christmas party - which I think I'll be allowed to go to on 21st December.

Luckily one of my best pals has recently had this cough (although I've not seen him for a fair while so I don't think he gave it to me) and his mum says that we can still go out on walkies together. So I'm not totally confined to barracks which is a big relief.

Have any of you had kennel cough? What did you have to do? Walkies at 5am to avoid other dogs is all very well in the summer but we're (read, mum) too wussy to go out in the dark on our own at the mo.