Friday, 20 June 2008


Apparently I've got a bit of an addiction problem...

Exhibit a - the ball. Apparently I'm totally obsessed to the point of running myself to death after said ball despite getting overtired/hot etc. The close relative of the ball, the stick, has already made me poorly and it's only a matter of time before the ball gets me into trouble. Come to think of it I suppose it already has cos I had to have an op last October to remove half of a ball from my tum. Hrm. And last night dad did this particularly great throw which went into the middle of the road and I just ran right after it. Well - I think he has to share some of the blame for that. Mum wasn't there but she is still freaking out about it.

Serious recall work needed apparently. Clickerdogs is supposed to have the answers - my buddy Hamish has done well with this. Looks like it's my turn to start...

Monday, 9 June 2008

Vacation / Staycation

I had a week with my folks recently. We did a bit of 'going away' and a bit of 'staycation' (good term Brisztow!). The 'going away' bit was just for a night on a boat. I'm not a big fan of boats.

For a start they are on water - and you should see the funny things you find on the water...

...and for another thing they shut you in the bedroom when they go through 'locks' because apparently they aren't safe. It's annoying but you can bark your head off to let them know that they're just being silly - I know all about keys and locks and I've never seen a dangerous one yet.

The best bit is sitting in the captains chair and giving out orders.

The staycation happened cos the boat broke (I told you they were stoopid). So we came home and did some excellent walks around the south coast and New Forest. We have also started cycling. This is great cos now I don't have to wait whilst they catch up with me - I can trot along and they manage to keep up just fine. Why on earth didn't they figure this out before? We have nice detours to rivers to keep me cool and I have my own special water bottle that fits onto the bike. Pretty cool. When we go along roads I get attached to mum's bike using this 'walky dog' attachment. It really means she doesn't have to pedal cos I provide power assistance...particularly when we meet a squirrel...ahem.