Saturday, 9 May 2009


As the bluebells were blooming I thought I'd take the opportunity for a little photo shoot, and to see if I could have a stab at the cover shot of the Vizsla 'Bible'. See the elegant dog pointing in the bluebells....

Now, see the EVEN MORE elegant dog pointing in, quite frankly, much better bluebell coverage than that pathetic attempt above.

Hrm, next time I'd better try to keep my head down a bit and lose the collar. Right - off to the woods again!


Anonymous said...

No contest! You win hands down Charlie, you handsome dude posing in the bluebells.


redgirls-in-scotland said...

off to the woods again eh Charlie? Might you like some company? We are botanical ladies for sure. Blue is a good research colour we think?? your pals the redgirls (VERY bored) XXX

Rufus said...

My mum LOVES the bluebells. There are lots around at the moment. I can't see the appeal myself and I'm told I shouldn't run through them and squash them but I like running through long grassy type things.

Ruby & Sophie said...

Hi Charlie

Thanks for visiting our site. We think your recreation of the magazine cover is fab!

Luv Ruby & Sophie xxx

Brisztow Jones said...

Dear Charlie,

Were you by any chance picking the blue bells for someone special? Maybe some lovely lady across the pond? Or perhaps TWO lovely ladies up north?

Please do send them rush over-night express so they don't wilt. I'm going to wait on the curb right now!

Brisztow Jones.

Charlie said...

LOL Brisztow I wish I had thought of that. I did pick a dandelion for my mum the other day, well it was kindof by accident as it happened to get into my mouth when I was retrieving my ball :-)

Note to self - need to be more suave with the ladies.