Tuesday, 10 August 2010


I've just started on the path to becoming more 'obedient'. Well, I'm working on my heelwork. Mum takes me to a club every week. I'm finishing up my Gold Good Citizen and starting to work on competition obedience. I must say it is good fun as it means I get to stuff my face with treats. Where's the catch?

I've been showing how well behaved I can be with my new niece (aunty?). She is my grandma's new puppy and we looked after her for a couple of weeks whilst grandma was on holiday. I was fairly fed up with her at first as she was so little, but I gradually learned to play with her and even shared my bed. She is the little black one in the corner - it's hard to see her cos she is quite small. We did play tug which was funny - I could *so* have won if i'd wanted to but I pretended her feeble tugs were stopping me. Hah.

Oh - the cover isn't on the bed and the blanket is supposed to be doing its job cos *someone* peed on it. Bah puppies.