Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Two whole kilos!

I've just been to the vet to weigh myself and I've managed to put on 2kg! I'm now 22.3kg so I reckon I should try to put on another 2 and then we'll see how I look. Some people think I look pretty much ok right now, but I think I want a bit of extra padding just in case I ever need it in the future. Mum was so pleased we went straight to the pet shop and got lots of chews and treats.

I've been feeling much better - even enough to go swimming again in the freezing sea! I had to show off to Amber - a 5yr old girl we met at the weekend. She went in so I'd have just looked a wuss if I didn't. Thankfully it was a warm day and I soon dried off.

I'm going on another little Viz Whiz next weekend - 12 noon on Sunday 9th December at the Royal Oak in Fritham again. Someone else is organising the walk this time so hopefully we won't end up walking through a bog again (thanks dad). If any of you are around please do come along!

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Fun run

Last weekend I took part in a fun run. Before I got sick I'd started training with mum but cos I'm so skinny we decided we should just walk it instead. I won 'first dog across the line' :-) Oh, this is my new coat. It's REALLY warm and cosy and I wear it every morning at the mo cos I'm trying to keep my weight up and not use it to keep warm.

Last week I managed to gain another paltry 50g... Mum has ordered this new food for me that Radio used to eat and was good for putting on weight - but the store stuffed it up and it's not coming for another few days now. Boo - I'm just so hungry! And I've got an ear infection :-(

Monday, 5 November 2007

New Forest Viz Whiz

On Saturday we went into the New Forest and met up with 10 other Vizlsas! There was (I think from l to r) Inca, Dexter, Ditto, Indy, Rufus, me, Rufus, Rufus, Herbie, Bessie and Hazel! Noone could tell us apart cos our folks had all put our 'going out' collars on us which all tended to be dark leather. Doh! If you shouted 'Rufus' though you had a good bet of getting at least one of us. Rufus is a very popular name. All very handsome boys as well (particularly my bro :-))

We had a great run through the trees and a bog (thanks dad) and we managed to freak out a few people - particularly this guy in tie dyed trousers who we all barked at. We were just giving him some fashion advice in our own particular way.

For me the VERY BEST bit was seeing my girlfriend Ditto again! I whispered lots of sweet nothings in her ears and nuzzled her a lot.

I wuff Ditto!