Saturday, 17 May 2008

Sore throat

Last night I ran after a stick in the park and it broke and went down my throat :-( I ended up in the vet's for nearly two hours - they sedated me and everyone looked down my neck to see if I was going to be ok. I've got two big cuts in my soft palate and another in my laryngopharynx. So there will be no more stick chasing I don't think - mum has certainly banned it. The annoying thing was that they didn't even throw the stick for me!

They've found me a good replacement though which they'll have to order - the 'fetchy stick' which is a stick made out of rubber with a squeaker.

I might feel a bit dumb with this in the New Forest though? Mind you - did you say a squeaker? Cooooool! And the best bit about a sore throat is bone soup. I do love that. Does anyone have any tips for things to take the hurt away?


Anonymous said...

Poor Charlie! Can he have vanilla ice cream? Maybe the cold would be soothing.

Anonymous said...

My wife suggests freezing low-sodium broth or the bone soup into ice cubes and giving those to Charlie.

Charlie said...

MMMmmm I LOVE icecream! Mum says that she had to have toast when she had her tonsils out and it made her cry - so we will take our revenge on the evil nurses by giving me ice cream now. Cool! Cheers nurses!

And bone icecubes sound FAB too! Off to fill up the kong with bone soup and freeze it!

Hamish said...

Oh poor Charlie, at the Vets again - you have the worst luck. Still if you're getting to have ice cream.......? Get well soon. We think squeaky toys are the best anyway.

Hamish said...

Oh, and don't tell any gundog people we condoned the use of squeaky toys. (says in our book - NEVER give a gundog a squeaky toy, Oooops too late for us).

Anonymous said...

Oh poor poor Charlie.

You have the worst luck. Do you like putting your mum through such stress???

I really hope you recover quickly. Soft food all the way I would say.
Zig x

Andrew Campbell said...

Our dear Charlie: oh, I don't know who that James fellow is, but frozen lo-so broth is a brilliant idea... crunchy, tasty, and good for you.

You have the best toys; you are clearly loved.

Speedy recovery

Rufus said...

Hi charlie

I can't beleive you've been at the vet's again! However, a squeaky stick just sounds like the best thing ever! I love my tennis ball that squeaks but they always stop squeaking after about an hour.

Btw I bumped in to Goulash the other day when I was staying at grandma and grandpa's!

love rufus

MAGGIE - aged 3, honest said...

Aw, mate, you have the worst luck! Hope you're feeling better soon.

The squeaky stick looks awesome, though. And some of these suggestions for comfort food sound pretty darned good. Maybe I'll have to pretend to have a sore throat too...

Ejay pup said...

oww Charlie that sounds ouchy...mum worries about me a sticks too..maybe you can get your mum to give you mash potatoe i like that esp when it comes with gravy and my biscuits..mmmmmm....foooddd....but i do like ice cubes as well so the bone soup cubes sounds fun...
But don't worry i shall bark for you if you have a sore throat just started doing it and its such fun.

redgirls-in-scotland said...

Aww dear Charlie we think that soon you will overtake even our dear old nana cleo in the premier accident prone league. Bet your mum and dad think that your annual insurance premium is the best money they will ever spend! Nana Cleo was not insured. Red girls most certainly are.

Soft things to retrieve? Best not ask US!!

Big hug wee pal ginger ones xxx

Rocket said...

Sir Charles .... can't belive you poked yourself. ACK! That must have hurt. Wish you all the best for a speedy recovery. I'll bark a time or two in honor of you.

Buster the Vizsla said...

My dear young Charles,

So very sorry to be late in hearing about re: your unfortunate accident of the stick variety. Must speak to my lab assistant about RSS feeds. Hope you're feeling much better by now, but that the parade of fabulous toys/frozen treats continues.

Sympathetically yrs.,

Brisztow Jones said...

Sorry to hear you're hurting Charlie! Mom doesn't throw sticks for me but still gets worried when I chew on them and eat them all by myself. So far nothing too bad has happened.

Except Cling-ons!