Friday, 26 September 2008

Birthday boy

Happy 2nd birthday to me! Sorry I've been so quiet recently. I've been poorly (again!) and I've been a bit embarrassed to tell anyone :-( I had an upset tummy and apparently have inflammatory bowel disease so have just started taking lots and lots of pills which is quite rubbish. Here's me modelling a rather fetchingly coloured bandage after my endoscopy. You can see I've gone a bit size zero again although my pills ought to fix that. I'm VERY hungry if anyone wants to send anything? Aunty Di has been great with the advice and I'm hoping to meet the Redgirls in person (YAY!) when I go up north next month.

In the meantime I've had a busy time since I last posted. I had my half bro Rufus over to play with my best buddy Radar - here is us making John stand still at the beach. Devil of a job, keeping those humans still you know. It took all our combined energy.

And best of all we went to see Aunty Kate with Dexter and, the best Vizsla in the world, Ditto! Ditto was very odd, she was playing all hard to get and kept curling her lip at me but I knew it was all for show really. We had great fun bouncing in the fields together.

So I'm back and bouncy and trying to persuade dad that getting a buddy is a really good idea. Look at Rocket! Look at Ellie! He's not so sure though. So we might have to wait a while :-(


Anonymous said...


Wow you have been having lots of fun (and not so much fun at the same time)

Sending you lots of hugs for your IBD.

Pills aren't that bad you just need to work your human so they give you them in chunks of meat. Anything less just eat around them and spit them out in full view. Careful though that the human doesn't start to prise your mouth open. If that happens next time take it in what ever food they give you.

Best of luck

Hamish said...

Poor wee Charlie, what a miserable time for you. You are in very good hands and I'm sure there's no shortage of cuddles.

It's tough for the humans too being worried about you so much. Make sure you go easy on them and let them know that you love them very, very much.

Oh, and of course we all wish you a very, very, very, Happy Birthday.

On another note, Hamish has now started a new (even more expensive) food now called Nature Diet which he is more enthusiastic about than anything else we've ever given him and his poos are the firmest I've ever seen so far.

We've gone off kibble and this is full of real meat and bones and moist and wet and doesn't smell at all (the poo much less too).

Most important of all it seems to be gentle on the tummy.


Anonymous said...

Happy 2nd Birthday for last Friday half bro. I was 8 months old on that day and hope I grow to be as handsome as you when I'm older! In fact I must admit you are my hero - you've done so much and gained a rosette as well as KC awards - wow you are amazing!

Hope you are all better soon and have no more health probems so you can throw all your energies into your next project.

Have fun with those gorgeous red girls.

Love Bennet

Rez said...

Happy Birthday Bro. Wow can you believe we are 2 now. My mummy cant believe I actually made it and I think vets all over the land are waiting to see what we get up to next.

Hope you are coping with your pills. I hide them in my gumms and spit them out in my bed. Then mum finds them all squishy much later and then I get to eat them with cheese !!!!!

Lots of love

Rez xx

Charlie said...

Thanks guys! Well the most rubbish thing about having a dicky tummy is that you can't have anything interesting to eat at all. It's just fish, fish and more fish. And cos fish isn't very good for hiding tablets in (far too slimey) it means that the prising open jaw move is done on a painfully regular basis. I'm very stoical about it though.

Well Rez I'm keeping several vets in BMWs at the moment. Mum has a HUGE credit card bill and is muttering about student loans. Thankfully i'm insured so get nothing but the best, but the trouble is that the insurers take a while to pay up, the swines. Let's hope for a vet-free year til 3! Do you think we'll calm down a bit?

Andrew Campbell said...

Sir Charles: nice to see you back in action! Sorry the tummy has been acting up on you -- the bright side is that it's a lot more fun putting weight on than taking it off.

We heartily endorse the two-vizsla theory. All you need is a bigger couch.

best from here

Anonymous said...

Charlie - you need to get your Mum to find a brilliant vets like ours as my Mum just pays the excess and the vets claim the rest directly from the insurer so your Mum won't be out of pocket.

Hey better still try to keep healthy and that will not only save money but will add years to your Mum's life too!

Take care - Bennet

Rez said...

Frankly Charlie I think calming down is silly. For my birthday I got to go to the moor and look for birdies. I think that you should just keep going cos no matter what your mummy loves you and will always pay. Although I agree with Bennet, you need to find some where you can pay the excess only.

What you need is a brother or sister to keep you out of trouble. You can borrow my sister if you like. She is such a goodie two shoes at the moment, shes soo annoying. Perhaps you could keep her for a while so I could get all the attention for a bit!!.... Please!!


Delilah and Rocket said...


For Gods sake stay healthy! You mum needs to save a few pounds to buy you cool stuff.

Yes, the two V theory works great but you have to find the right combo. I got lucky with my adopted older sister Delilah but I do love her very much. We tear up the yard and have such great fun wrestling when the humans are gone.

Good luck

Ditto said...

Oh Charlie.. you do look thin again :-( You'll be getting loads of yummy treats and food though no doubt to put the weight back on.

We really enjoyed seeing you again the other week (even though I did curl my lip when you got a little close to my bed) and Mum says we must do it again when you are fully fit and healthy again.

Woofs and wags from Dexter and Ditto

ELLIE and SACHA said...

Oh Charlie getting a buddy would be so cool..............its the best thing that happend to me. Since Sacha arrived i relised what i had been missing, although mum and dad played with me before her arrival its no match to what Sacha plays like. We play, chase, explore, jump and cuddle uptogether in front of the fire. Mum thinks it great because us kids can amuse ourselves while she is busy doing other things around the house. Get that weight on Charlie and put the presure on your dad?