Monday, 26 May 2008

Family gathering

Last week I went to visit my mum and dad - this is a family pic - mum has her mouth open on the left (I think she was telling me to sit still) and dad is in the middle.

I wasn't too sure about my dad - I managed a sneaky sniff though whilst he wasn't looking.

Mum didn't mind me sniffing her too much.

But she wasn't that interested in playing with me....

...however much I badgered her!

This is a video of Hanka and her pup Seeka playing with a glove.

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Sore throat

Last night I ran after a stick in the park and it broke and went down my throat :-( I ended up in the vet's for nearly two hours - they sedated me and everyone looked down my neck to see if I was going to be ok. I've got two big cuts in my soft palate and another in my laryngopharynx. So there will be no more stick chasing I don't think - mum has certainly banned it. The annoying thing was that they didn't even throw the stick for me!

They've found me a good replacement though which they'll have to order - the 'fetchy stick' which is a stick made out of rubber with a squeaker.

I might feel a bit dumb with this in the New Forest though? Mind you - did you say a squeaker? Cooooool! And the best bit about a sore throat is bone soup. I do love that. Does anyone have any tips for things to take the hurt away?

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Waboba ball

I have discovered the best toy in the world. It's a ball that bounces on water called a waboba ball! Great fun for water retrieves. It keeps me cool in this hot weather we're having anyway. You do need to have a very soft mouth though - otherwise you're likely to pop it. I have a nice soft mouth apparently - I can carry fruit and barely leave a dent :-)

I don't really remember summer but it certainly slows me down if there's no water to bounce in. Not enough to stop me getting my silver good citizen certificate on Friday night though!

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Furthering my education

I went into the library yesterday to do a bit of light reading. It turns out the librarian was so taken with me that she let mum off her 10p fine. Even though I put my paws on the desk. So I've now conclusively *made* her money. What shall I spend it on?