Sunday, 11 February 2007


I had the best time in the New Forest yesterday with a gorgeous girl like me called Bessie. She is very fast - I can't wait to grow up a bit if it means I can be as quick as her! She's 8 months old and I will be 5 months on Tuesday, so not long to go!

It's been a good weekend for me - I knocked them dead at our new training class on Friday night. One of the things we had to do was quite advanced - from the Silver or Gold syllabus. I had to take my lead off, then wait while mum walked away past this line, then when she called me I had to run to her until she yelled 'wait'. I had to stop dead when she shouted - before the line. I think the idea is that this is my 'emergency stop' so that if I get into trouble or am running towards a road or something mum knows she can stop me. Well, I nailed it pretty well first time and everyone was very pleased with me. Vizslas take note - you have to keep a few things like this up your sleeve, or should that be under your collar? Works like a dream for extra fuss and treats.

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