Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Home help

I've been resting up after my busy weekend with Maggie. We went on some great walks. My favourite was one in the countryside where there was LOADS of mud. Mum was grumbling about getting her shoes dirty but Maggie and I didn't care - we got FILTHY! We found a great big puddle to clean ourselves up in though - Maggie loves water. I followed her in and we ended up in so deep that we had to swim. I could obviously swim really well if I tried but I find it more fun to climb onto Maggie's back and let her pull me along.

All this and we even got around to helping out with some DIY at home (see pic). No wonder I'm catching up on my sleep!

Saturday, 24 February 2007

Maggie comes to stay

I've got my best pal Maggie here with me for the weekend. This is me on her bed - she is on mine. I must talk to her mum about getting a new cover for her bed. This pink clashes with me a bit.

Thursday, 22 February 2007

Keeping dry despite the weather

I've got a new coat. It's waterproof and cosy. I was quite pleased that it was wet and horrid this morning as I got a chance to try it out. It definitely keeps me happier out walking although I did take it off to play with Barney. I'm not sure it is a substitute for a hot-water Gromit afterwards though.

In other news I've been on the scales this week and am officially HEAVY! My sis is weighing in at about 15kg but I'm a hefty 18kg!! Mum and dad didn't believe it so they weighed me about five times. I'm going to be a big 'un!

Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Obey the Vizsla

Brisztow obviously has her mum very well trained - she has bought some 'Obey the Vizsla' merchandise. Thankfully this training is working on my mum too - she is becoming obsessed with the stuff. Hoorah. Resistance is futile. Hrm, trouble is that dad is resisting. In fact he doesn't know about the latest stock of stuff that's arrived this morning. Mum will probably get in trouble. I shall have to step in and work on him to make him obey me further. Cuteness factor will probably prevail.

Monday, 19 February 2007


Yes this is not a view you are likely to see from my house, or from anywhere near my house. My folks went off to do something called 'skiing' this weekend. I went to Maggie's house whilst they were away and I had the best time ever. We played all day the first day and then had to sleep for the whole of the following day. We went on walkies, we played tug, I ate her food, it was ace! We were very sorry to part but rumour has it that she might be coming to stay with me next weekend. Yay! Doggie slumber parties rock!

Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Any other business?

My cue to, ahem, relieve myself is 'do your business'. Sometimes I pretend that this means just a wee, so if they want me to do something else they say 'any other business?' Apparently dad takes meetings where he has to say that at the end and now he has to struggle not to laugh.

Sunday, 11 February 2007

Happy Birthday Dylan!

Happy birthday to my (human) cousin Dylan who is 8 today! We've not met cos he lives in the USA like Brizstow but we might get together one day. Apparently I can't go to the USA cos of something called quarantine but Dylan doesn't have to be quarantined to come here. Funny huh?


I had the best time in the New Forest yesterday with a gorgeous girl like me called Bessie. She is very fast - I can't wait to grow up a bit if it means I can be as quick as her! She's 8 months old and I will be 5 months on Tuesday, so not long to go!

It's been a good weekend for me - I knocked them dead at our new training class on Friday night. One of the things we had to do was quite advanced - from the Silver or Gold syllabus. I had to take my lead off, then wait while mum walked away past this line, then when she called me I had to run to her until she yelled 'wait'. I had to stop dead when she shouted - before the line. I think the idea is that this is my 'emergency stop' so that if I get into trouble or am running towards a road or something mum knows she can stop me. Well, I nailed it pretty well first time and everyone was very pleased with me. Vizslas take note - you have to keep a few things like this up your sleeve, or should that be under your collar? Works like a dream for extra fuss and treats.

Friday, 9 February 2007

School gets serious

Mum has explained that we are moving up a gear at school tonight. No longer am I in 'puppy class' but I've moved onto the 'Good Citizen' Bronze level.

By the sounds of things I'll have to pull my socks up when it comes to walking on the lead. I've been a lot better recently cos we've been doing more practice. I still find it hard to concentrate when there are other dogs about though. I'll have to let you know how it goes.

Monday, 5 February 2007

Who is Morph?

It occurred to me that our friends over the pond (hi Brisztow!) won't know who Morph is. He is this funky little plasticine man and was first created by Aardman animations about 30 years ago...the same guys who made Wallace and Gromit and Chicken Run. I've found a website with a bit more info on him - http://www.toonhound.com/morph.htm

It's quite a nice circular story really - cos my favourite toy is my Gromit hot water bottle. This pic is of me when I was much littler cuddling up to him.

Saturday, 3 February 2007

Me and my pal

Maggie and I had a fab walk in the New Forest today. We swam and everything....well, I kindof paddled while she did some pretty impressive water retrieves. I could obviously do them myself but I thought I ought to let her get the credit. Poor Maggie doesn't get much attention when there's a puppy about :-)

Oh - I've graduated from puppy class! Next week I'm going onto the Bronze Good Citizenship scheme....better do my homework!

Friday, 2 February 2007

Learning to walk

I met the dog that bit me again today - he was fine this time and I'd pretty much forgotten he was scary. I've been having so much fun playing with my dog club pals that I've got more confident with other dogs and know better who likes to play and who doesn't. Hits of the week have been Leo the lurcher x greyhound and Bonnie the American Bulldog pup. One day I hope to be as speedy as Leo...boy can he run!

I've been learning to walk more nicely on the lead too. Mum says I'm growing up way too fast to be pulling her along...oops.