Friday, 25 April 2008

All around exercise

It is important not to forget about any of the muscle groups when getting back to full fitness. Here I am exercising my eyebrows. Don't underestimate the power of your eyebrows! They are particularly important for giving the cute face when food is around.

I'm progressing well with my fitness programme. We went into the New Forest after work one evening and I ran around after rabbits and pheasants for a whole hour. I don't think I stopped once. I'm feeling very full of it.

In fact I'm so full of it that I've started getting rather, ahem, affectionate towards some other dogs recently. I go quite deaf when I'm doing it and am driving mum a bit bonkers. But she was bonkers anyway. Apparently I was 'somewhat indulged' after my last op and things have to get a bit more strict for a while. Oops.

On a more serious note - my pal Radio passed away earlier this year from a condition called polymyositis. It is passed on through breeding. His folks are very keen that no dog has to go through what he did. Please read their post.


ELLIE and SACHA said...

Hey Sacha, remember cute eyebrow wiggle = food..........thanks for the tip Charlie. (we love the videos...keep them coming)

dionne said...

My my, Yoji & Charlie are so alike, in that video my girls were sure it was Yoji, spitting image!!

Dionne x

redgirls-in-scotland said...

We caught our mum smiling very fondly at your video Charlie - she thinks you have a lovely head and expression.

Not fair though - we can look as cute as can be and it cuts no ice. Sadly we have to resort to bullying to get her to behave. Stand in the middle of the room. Eyeball her. Don't blink. Always be in the way. Make sure she trips over us. And if nothing else is working then bark and whine. Always works a treat. She's been hearing a lot recently about "positive reinforcement" but redgirls don't like the sound of it. We'd have to be good? Is that how it works? Yikes.

Di now. Sally thank you for all the behind the scenes work that you do to raise awareness about myositis. (It is thanks to you that Alfie's people contacted me)I think this will be the shape of things to come. Vigilant informed pet owners keeping their eyes and ears open. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

So who won the ping-pong game Charlie was watching? ;-)

Hamish said...

That is so cute. Looks like you are doing eyebrow salsa. Could be a new sport?

Rocket said...

What a handsome chap you are. Mum loves it when I give her the eyebrows. That's when I usually get what I want

Andrew Campbell said...

Charlie: you are one handsome devil. We apologize for being remiss in adding you to our blog roll. It is done.


Charlie said...

LOL thanks all - I think I will start up my own new olympic sport. Eyebrow salsa. We can develop special tricks and routines to music.

Thanks Andrew! And mum says no worries Di - glad to be of help!