Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Health check

Last week I went to the Royal Vet College to have some tests done on my guts. I like that it was Royal - suitably fitting for me I think. I saw my friend Radio's vet so he knows a thing or two about Vizslas. So far everything has come back totally normal so mum is relieved. I'm allowed to lead a completely normal life now and eat anything, run anywhere etc. I'm catching up on some lost weeks!

Here I am at Chesil Beach - it's a funny big bank of sand that separates the sea from the land - there's this lagoon in the middle called the Fleet. It apparently used to be used by smugglers and there was a book written about it called 'Moonfleet'. I like the idea of being a smuggler but not at all sure about going on boats. Really the best bit of the trip was seeing pheasants and rabbits. Pheasants are stoopid - they just run off tooting like a train. Funny looking train.

This is the church that inspired the book Moonfleet. I don't think they'd have fitted much contraband in there!


Rocket said...

Oh good news on the health check. Time to go roll in some fox poo to celebrate!

Anonymous said...

Thats brill news. Glad you are allowed to do everything now.

Have fun
Zig x

Buster the Vizsla said...

My dear young Charles,

Excellent news re: your inner workings!

On first read, I thought you wanted to be a snuggler.

Yrs. truly,

Hamish said...

Oh, I'm writing from the office and am very jealous that place looks so lovely and inviting from here. Hamish would love it.

Fantastic news that you are fit and well and have a license to create more mischief. Keep up the good work.

Radio said...

yep Charlie - excellent news!

i think they should ban tennis balls - or at least the only allow those big ones that really small kids play with ;-)...imagine Wimbledon with those...