Friday, 25 January 2008

Charlie Morph's diary

Weight: not sure but at least a few lb heavier
Walks: 3
'He's Gorgeous's': 3

I've been quite busy being a monster these past few weeks so think it about time I auditioned for a horror movie. I had my pal Radar to stay this week so we decided to get some photos of some scary faces so that we could send them off to the casting agencies.

This is me doing my best fearsome monster face.

Then Radar is doing his 'I-can-eat-your-whole-face-you-know' move. Impressive stuff.

But not to be outdone I move in for the final blow - the throat lock.

Don't worry - no dogs were harmed in the making of these photos. We are very good at faking it, sorry, acting, and just waiting for the perfect roles.

Monday, 7 January 2008

Viz Whiz

I had a wonderful time at the Viz Whiz on Sunday. But for some reason I seem to have made mum REALLY mad at me and there are lots of dark mutterings about something called 'the snip'. I think what happened is that I mistook Tuscan for a particularly appealing lady. Sorry Tuscan. I basically hassled him the whole way round and he was far too polite to let me in on my mistake. Oh the embarrassment. Ditto will never speak to me again.

Before I developed my one-track mind we had some fun in the water.

This is me above with my half-bro Ernie. We are quite alike - particularly when it came to fancying Tuscan.

This is my newest blogger friend, Maggie. She is a VERY quick runner. She's got a darker coat like me so we were quite hard to tell apart...oh, except for later when I was always to be found bothering Tuscan .

I think this is Radar and Maggie.

And this is us having a nice cooling drink!

Well, Mum was so mad at me that she didn't let me update my blog last night. I think the main reason she was mad was cos I kindof closed my ears to them and pretty much didn't care if they were there or not. Hrm, not sure if I can be trained out of this one or if the only solution is surgical...gulp. I hope we sort it out or they won't let me go on a nice walk like this again, oh dear!

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Happy New Year

Like some of my fellow blogdogs I've also been very busy over the Christmas holidays. Christmas is fab. First you get to look up in the sky for a man bringing presents...

...then the man comes with his red and white hat...

...and he brings you lots of excellent pressies. And robot eyes!....

Then you get to go on loads of amazing walks. This is me in Bradgate Park in Leicestershire, near where my grandma lives and also near where I was born.

We went to the New Forest tons too - we did some really long walks. This is me posing with dad.

And posing by the pond...

...before swimming in it...

...and then, after all that mature posing, going completely puppy-mental after doing a bit of dig-dig-digging.

I also went on a Studland Viz whiz - we couldn't make the Richmond Park one as we'd only just got back from that part of the world and didn't fancy the drive again! This is me at the back, facing the camera, then Radar, Albi and my half-bro Ernie in the middle and Benson in the foreground. All boys, and I was the oldest one!

This is me trying to catch Radar.

And this is me on New Year's Day in the New Forest, starting the year as I mean to go on by chasing sticks - yay!

And after all that fun and games I'm pretty shattered! But not enough to stop me going on another Viz Whiz next Sunday - anyone else fancy a trip to the New Forest?