Thursday, 26 July 2007

Weather and jabs

I've been very unimpressed with the weather the last few days. The only good bit about it was that it made a little pond in the park that I had a great play in with Barney and Daisy. I've had to be towelled down after walkies far more often than I did in the winter. Hot Gromit has been out and about again which I got so excited about - I whimpered when I saw him getting filled up. And this was supposed to be something called summer. I've never seen a 'summer' before - apparently I'm not really seeing one now.

I had to go to the vets today for a jab for something called Rabies. It's to do with me getting a passport which means I can go 'overseas'. Cool. I like the sea. It takes months before I can travel so we're making sure I'm ready in time for next 'summer'. If we go 'overseas' apparently we might find a 'summer'.


Anonymous said...

Wow your going over seas! Do you have to swim the whole way cos I would hate that. Radio would be good though - did you hear he swam 2km in one go. Pretty impressive I thought.

Jabs are horrible and can make you feel a bit icky but at least you have gromit to make you feel better. I have a constant heat making machine - called Pesto however she is rather taken to her cage at the moment so I can't cuddle up with her (not sure but I think she does it on purpose).

The weather is yucky isn't it. However we walk in the mornings and late night and we seem to be missing the rain at the moment. Lots of fun puddles to lie in though.

Charlie said...

I had a great walk in the dry this afternoon. Rain is horrible. Hrm hadn't thought about having to swim the whole way over the sea. I'd better get in training. Perhaps Radio can come and teach me? I think the sea is a bit easier to swim in than the canal - cos of salt or something?

Wish I had a Pesto too - the cat is getting more friendly but he won't snuggle. Gromit will have to do.

Rufus said...

Hey Charlie, Mum's taken me on a few walks in a baby carrier along the seafront and I think the sea looks great. I can't take my eyes off it. Can't wait to get in there and learn to swim. Maybe Radio could run swimming classes?

Hamish said...

Ooooh Charlie, you are brave. Hamish is going to have that done soon too. He wants to go to Italy next year where he's got lots of friends waiting to meet him.

We're kind of getting used to the rain though and it does have its advantages in the city because people don't seem to want to sit on the ground with picnics.

Brisztow Jones said...

Those sound like exciting travel plans. Will you be visiting The Big Apple?

Charlie said...

Ooh I do like apples so I'd love to. But I'm not sure we can get that far this time :-(