Thursday, 7 February 2008

A monster's life for me

Weight: 23.8kg (still about 1kg to go)
He's gorgeous's: Loads

Well I've been keeping up the monster behaviour quite well I guess. I've obviously been enough of a good boy to go on some pretty good walks recently. Mum has been studying hard so we've been going out at twilight which is a FAB time for chasing things. We go to the New Forest a lot. Mum says I'm a very lucky dog to get at least two walks per week in the forest. This is a pic of me next to some tracks of some very big monsters. You can tell they must be HUGE cos they have sunk in loads.

Then here I am auditioning for the Lord of the Rings - well, I suppose I'll have to settle for The Hobbit now. I'm somewhere in middle earth fighting orcses. I think I've fought off a couple of battalions in this pic.

No portfolio would be complete without the pose shot. Will you believe me if I say no photo trickery was used in this pic? It's just me and the sunset. I'm not sure what I'm doing with my back left leg - think I'm demonstrating the impressive amount of external rotation I can get out of my joint should there be any film-makers out there looking for suppleness.

I took some more time out posing in the rays of the setting sun.

And then the sun went down, but it didn't stop me chasing my stick.

When there's no more light left there's only one place to go - my folks' s favouritest pub in the whole world.

So now for my monsterness. We went on another viz whiz and I was looking for my pal Tuscan from the outset. I ran up to all the dogs and sniffed them before deciding that Alfie was the one for me. I then hassled him (well, I prefer the term nuzzled) the WHOLE WAY round. Mum got REALLY angry with me cos this is what I did on the last whiz but have never done since. Unfortunately I'm now banned from whizzes. Sorry folks. Had a great time and hope to see you again when I've grown out of it (forced to type that...gah).

Albert - the star of the show. Four month old wire.

Think this is Herbie and Ozzie.

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