Wednesday, 26 March 2008


Hey folks - I have been on my holidays to my grandma's house whilst my folks went off doing something called 'skiing'. Skiing sounds rubbish - there are no rabbits or deer or anything. I got a bit overexcited to see them when they got home though. I raced about and bounced and ended up hurting my tail and having to go to the vet at midnight on Good Friday. Ooops. My tail cost £228 to fix - mum says it's just as well I have a third off as who knows how much it would have been if it was full ;-) Anyway - I'm just making sure we make the most of the insurance.

So apart from a few more painkillers I'm feeling much better and have started going out walkies again - yay! I went to my park for the first time today, although we did go out at quiet times to avoid my pals cos I'm supposed to take it a bit easy still. I also went to this castle place over the weekend which was great fun but must have been very drafty living there cos they only had a few walls and no roof. This is me helping to push over one of the wonky walls.

Welcome Darcy - like your blog!


Anonymous said...

Glad your parents are back. You must be pleased that you can go walking again.

I think you are doing a very good job of pushing that wall.

All the best
Zig x

Rio Rocket said...

You with your tail and Troon with a ligament. This isn't good. Spring is in the air and us V's are "springing" our body parts!

Ditto said...

Oh dear... in the wars again, always good to keep your mum and dad on their toes though, I mean what else do they want to spend money on, surely we have to be top of the list!

Yoji said...

Oh Bruv...wot r u like!!

Big licks & woofs & wishing you well!

Yoji xxxx

Buster the Vizsla said...

My dear young Charles --

Terribly sorry to hear about the tail injury. Sending best wishes for a speedy convalescence. The wall-pushing physiotherapy is an excellent idea, by the way.

Yrs. truly,