Wednesday, 26 March 2008


Hey folks - I have been on my holidays to my grandma's house whilst my folks went off doing something called 'skiing'. Skiing sounds rubbish - there are no rabbits or deer or anything. I got a bit overexcited to see them when they got home though. I raced about and bounced and ended up hurting my tail and having to go to the vet at midnight on Good Friday. Ooops. My tail cost £228 to fix - mum says it's just as well I have a third off as who knows how much it would have been if it was full ;-) Anyway - I'm just making sure we make the most of the insurance.

So apart from a few more painkillers I'm feeling much better and have started going out walkies again - yay! I went to my park for the first time today, although we did go out at quiet times to avoid my pals cos I'm supposed to take it a bit easy still. I also went to this castle place over the weekend which was great fun but must have been very drafty living there cos they only had a few walls and no roof. This is me helping to push over one of the wonky walls.

Welcome Darcy - like your blog!

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Leave it

This is me doing a 'leave it' for 'entertainment'. Pah - have one on each paw and one on my head! It's not all boring training though - I got a new Mr Chicken to play with!

I've always been jealous of Hamish's Mr Chicken - unfortunately Mr Chicken is already in the dustbin though as I bit his head off. Well - what else are you supposed to do with chicken?

Saturday, 8 March 2008


I've had my last injection at the vet's now and have been discharged. I get to go back to my regular vet next Friday to have my stitches out and then I can start going walkies again - yay! But there's a whole lotta time between now and next Friday so we're experimenting with different ways of having fun. My favourite ways revolve around food. The clever lady in the pet shop said why didn't they stuff a big chunk of cheese inside my kong stuffaball for entertainment. This has kept me busy for about 45 minutes! Well that and watching dad mince beef for burgers :-)

Last week mum was clearing out her wardrobe and decided to throw away some old sweaters. She used to love this one and wore it all the time but it's got a big hole in the elbow. She didn't want to throw it away so I get to have it as backup for my equafleece. Not so sure about this mum. I don't think the colours are 'me'.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Birthday balloons

It's mum's birthday today. She says it's a good job I'm ok cos most of her presents revolve around me. I was trying to play with a balloon (popped one already - great fun) when Oscar came along and joined in. I thought if I stood very still he might not see me, but then his sister came along too - bit too scary all round.

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Hello all

I'm home! I'm also VERY lively. I think mum thought i'd be all pathetic and sleepy like I was the last time I had to have an op - but this time I'd had a whole night to recover and was VERY pleased to see her - I gave her my best shimmy.

I've had a hole in my insides apparently - and my guts went through it. I didn't have to have any guts removed though which is good cos I need more space for food. I've got a whole bunch of stitches and they have to be in for about 12 days or so and that means NO WALKIES. I don't know how I'm going to cope. I was ready to play with my orange rubber ring last night and that's only after one day...

Anyway I think I missed out - there were rumours of sleeping downstairs all together. Well they decided that cos I was doing so well I could sleep in my bed (some excuse about being worried I would try to jump on their bed cos I shouldn't be jumping). So I did and didn't get up ONCE in the night. I was pleased when it was breakfast time though - i'm STARVING. I get to eat FIVE TIMES A DAY for the next few days - yay!

Monday, 3 March 2008

Coming home

I've been worried sick waiting to call the vet this morning but apparently all is fine and he can come home today. I'm going to pick him up after my exam (neuroanatomy, bleurgh) at 4.25 and will have to ask her lots of questions. Although it's a bit stressful happening during exams it does mean that i'm only out for a total of two hours - one on tues, one on thurs, then Steve is off on Friday which is great so we can look after him. Again only a few hours out next week, and after that it's holidays for 3 weeks. We have a skiing holiday booked just before Easter and C was to go to his grandma's for four days but I'm not sure if we'll be doing that yet.

Already planning on setting up the sofabed as i think it may be a bit much to have him climb stairs - last time he needed to wee three times in the night because of all the medication.

Sunday, 2 March 2008


The vet called us. Turns out this is a complication of his previous surgery. As I understand it the bowel had herniated through a hole in the omentum - and there was significant inflammation and damage. She said it was a big op and that he is at risk in both the short and long term. She said it was good to have operated today and he has come round and hopefully will be coming home tomorrow, but then will have to be kept very still and quiet in order to heal. Poor boy. It's terrifying to think that this could affect him forever - hopefully that forever will be a really long time. If anyone else has heard of anything similar i'd be grateful to hear from you.

Another op

C got sick in the night and we took him to the on-call vet this morning. She thinks he has another blockage and is going to open him up again today. He was so well yesterday that it's come as a bit of a shock. Last time he'd been so poorly for so long that it was a relief to find that there was something 'obvious' wrong with him. I can't believe he needs another op only just 5 months after the first one. Will call between 3 and 4 (so that means 3.01 obviously) to find out how he's got on.