Friday, 25 April 2008

All around exercise

It is important not to forget about any of the muscle groups when getting back to full fitness. Here I am exercising my eyebrows. Don't underestimate the power of your eyebrows! They are particularly important for giving the cute face when food is around.

I'm progressing well with my fitness programme. We went into the New Forest after work one evening and I ran around after rabbits and pheasants for a whole hour. I don't think I stopped once. I'm feeling very full of it.

In fact I'm so full of it that I've started getting rather, ahem, affectionate towards some other dogs recently. I go quite deaf when I'm doing it and am driving mum a bit bonkers. But she was bonkers anyway. Apparently I was 'somewhat indulged' after my last op and things have to get a bit more strict for a while. Oops.

On a more serious note - my pal Radio passed away earlier this year from a condition called polymyositis. It is passed on through breeding. His folks are very keen that no dog has to go through what he did. Please read their post.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Health check

Last week I went to the Royal Vet College to have some tests done on my guts. I like that it was Royal - suitably fitting for me I think. I saw my friend Radio's vet so he knows a thing or two about Vizslas. So far everything has come back totally normal so mum is relieved. I'm allowed to lead a completely normal life now and eat anything, run anywhere etc. I'm catching up on some lost weeks!

Here I am at Chesil Beach - it's a funny big bank of sand that separates the sea from the land - there's this lagoon in the middle called the Fleet. It apparently used to be used by smugglers and there was a book written about it called 'Moonfleet'. I like the idea of being a smuggler but not at all sure about going on boats. Really the best bit of the trip was seeing pheasants and rabbits. Pheasants are stoopid - they just run off tooting like a train. Funny looking train.

This is the church that inspired the book Moonfleet. I don't think they'd have fitted much contraband in there!

Sunday, 6 April 2008


Today my world went white. I've never really seen snow before - other than a few flakes a year ago when I was quite little.

I was quite blase about it really - I didn't go too mad or anything. I like to think I can take all these weird things that happen around me in my stride now I'm a mature 18 months. In fact I used it as a good opportunity to do a bit of posing.

And some more...

And my personal favourite...

Ok, I did like to chase the odd snowball.

And then after all that I needed a good rest (and a bit more posing).

Friday, 4 April 2008

I'm number one!

I don't keep up with the pop charts that much so was delighted to find that a song about me is number one! It's called Hungarian Boy and could have been written for me - take the chorus for example:

'Take me to the park I want to run and play
Throw me a big stick, I can retrieve all day
I really want to....go roll in fox poo
I am your Hungarian boy...Hungarian boy....'

Well, I've achieved fame before on the web pages of the hydrotherapy pool but this is something else.

Mum say's I'm batty and am mis-hearing it. Sorry? What?

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

A busy week

It's been quite a busy week for me. I've started going out on proper walks, although I have noticed that we're avoiding most of my pals as apparently I'm not supposed to tumble around too much yet. I've got an appointment to see a specialist next week just to be sure there's nothing else going on in my guts.

I'm not the only one who's been poorly. My big buddy Radar has had lungworm. It is REALLY nasty but luckily he is going to be ok. It's quite new to the UK and apparently Southampton is a hotspot - scary as just down the road from me! Anyway apparently if you take a wormer with 'Fenbendazole' in it (think Panacur or Advocate?) you can protect yourself against it.

On top of all this I've resumed my training classes and was called 'teacher's pet' today for being such a showoff. I am getting pretty good at the heelwork and 'send away's' now but I did go a bit mental when we had to do some weaves. Oops.

As I'm now over 18 months old I've decided I must take a leaf out of Buster B. Brown's book and look at the world in a more scientific and thoughtful light. So I decided to experiment with centrifugal and centripetal force last weekend. It must finally be 'summer' again cos my buoy has appeared in the garden, although they say it won't last. This could mean the buoy or the summer - the buoy is much smaller than it used to be and has a big hole in it. In the meantime I'm enjoying my garden. But no more snail eating - no, my job as pest control agent is permanently on hold. That's how you get that pesky lungworm thing.