Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Strange creatures

There are some other animals living in my house aside from me. At least i'm pretty sure there's more than one of them. The one I usually see is pictured above - I know his name is Oscar but I'm not sure much else about him except than he can be quite spiky. I'd love to play with him but for some reason he doesn't seem too keen - but he wags his tail and everything so it's very confusing. Mum says that our body language is all topsy turvy - my puppy play bow means something else entirely to Oscar. He can jump up REALLY high - on top of the fridge and everything. Imagine what mischief I could get up to if I could do that?! Maybe one day we will be friends and he'll teach me how to jump high - i'd like that. In the meantime I'll have to make do with getting told off for woofing at him :-)


Anonymous said...

hi charlie, i've put your link on radio's page now. the red collar suits you superbly!

Charlie said...

Thanks Radio!