Friday, 12 October 2007

Keeping them on their toes

Well as Redgirls said you have to keep the humans on their toes otherwise they might revoke bedroom rights. So, yesterday I got a bit too cold on a little morning plod and shivered quite violently (despite t-shirt and coat). Mum freaked out and rushed me home and wrapped me up with hot Gromit until I perked up. Five points to me.

Then last night I got sick - I had eaten some mince and veg (under protest) earlier in the day and I puked up all the fibrous veg. Of course this freaked them out big time. I've eaten well ever since and I'm playing happily. Several million points to me. And no more veg, just yummy pouches - yay.

One thing I'm having at the mo, along with my probiotics, is something called 'boost' for convalescing dogs. It smells funny but is supposed to be really good for me. Anything that helps. I'm looking forward to having my stitches out on Wednesday cos they do pull when i try to run.


Ditto said...

Dont worry Charlie, you are still my number one boyfriend (shush though dont tell Dexter that)

Mum gave us a helping hand on here so we can both make posts under our own names, Dexter currently cant get to the computer as he is locked in the lounge.

Sorry to hear you were sick, but perhaps it means you wont get as much veg.

Keep up the good work and get better soon as looking forward to running around with you again.

Charlie said...

Hey Ditto! I can't wait to be running around and having fun again. I'm pretty much staying indoors at the mo cos I get a bit chilly when we go out, so hopefully all the food i'm eating will make me nice and plump and strong and we can have a great play soon!

Dexter said...

I can fully recommend watching reflections as a REALLY exciting game to play that doesnt involve jumping around much or using much energy... I can play it for hours.. maybe you should try it :-)

redgirls-in-scotland said...

ok. Redgirls have a number of things to say.

To our dear little chap charlie wow you are now Professor Charles with a doctorate in Human Psychology. Thesis "how to maximise their weaknesses" Yey. Go wee man.

To Ditto. WAY too pretty for our liking. And we are keeping an eye on your flirty wirty things. Sniff.

To uncle Dexter well we think your shadow chasing is displacement therapy. Aww.

Diesel said...

Hello uncle Charlie,

I can't wait to tell my friends my uncle is a professor.
Ditto,I think we are second cousins.


Ditto said...

Hey Charlie
How has your weekend been, eating lots more yummy food and starting to feel a little stronger I hope?

Really wish I could come to see you at the moment (wink wink) but dont think our mums would approve.


redgirls-in-scotland said...

DITTO !! Naughty little Miss FLIRT!(well actually both redgirls have v fond memories of what hormones can do when we are spending time in that funny place called season. Mum calls us obscene. Mum's human girls call us gross and won't speak to us. Weird!)

But yes we two and too are so hoping that our favourite little red chap continues to be on the mend. Hey Charlie ya still got bedroom rights yah???

Hugs from hat and dainty mwah from bert XXX

redgirls-in-scotland said...

Oh. Mum wants to say. Is Anthony's new best hobby genealogy ? End of year things permitting?

We vizsla people have something that mum calls a "small gene pool"

We haven't found it yet (but we hope it is heated).